All of the groundwork has been done, and you’ve strengthened your foundations by finding strong references. You are working with an AI Industry recruiter, your resume is up-to-date, and your social media is all clean and professional. The only tasks left to complete are the actual application process, the face-to-face interview, and the process of accepting a job offer. Read on to learn how to complete your job search successfully. 

Step Ten: Apply for Jobs You Want

With all the brainstorming you’ve done already, the application process should be a simple matter of putting information in the best places. Remember your skills, and don’t be afraid to list them; this is your first chance to impress employers. Some employers ask for cover letters as well. This is where you explain why you want the job, how your experience suits the job, and why you would be an asset to the company. Use a black, easy-to-read font and be as straightforward as possible; write a good cover letter, and you’ll shine.

Step Eleven: Get Ready for Interviews

When one of your applications lands well, odds are good that you’ll be called for an interview. The application was the employer’s first glimpse into your skills, and the interview is where they really dig deep. Dress well and professionally and be prepared to go into detail about your work history and relevant experience. Speak with confidence and keep things positive; a great attitude and confidence in your skills will get you far, check out the free interview training offered by PROPRIUS.

Step Twelve: Be Ready for Skills Tests

Sometimes employers want to test your skills, so they bring tests along or have you take tests at their location. Depending on the AI job, these may be writing tests, coding tests, or customer service tests; they will most likely be testing your relevant skills, so brush up and make sure you’re ready to excel in your field. Show employers why you’d be great at the job you want.

Step Thirteen: Show Your Continued Interest by Following Up

After an interview, applicants are usually told to wait for further contact. While it might be polite to wait on their word, it is also good to follow up with employers. Let them know that you appreciated the opportunity to meet with them and that you would like to hear from them soon. Following up with employers demonstrates your interest in the job, and since this is the job you want, you’ll do everything you can to show your interest in it.

The Final Step: Negotiating a Job Offer

Do all the aforementioned steps well, and you’ll reach the endpoint: the job offer. Instead of accepting immediately out of sheer joy, step back and take some time to consider the offer. Never hesitate to contact PROPRIUS for an offer review, we will happily help you navigate your new offer. Read it thoroughly and make sure it is fair to you and includes everything you want in your dream job. If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to negotiate – the company wants you and your skills, so feel confident asking for what you want. 

If you’ve made it this far and you’re happy with the job offer, congratulations! You’ve earned the job you want, and you deserve it.

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