When your company is looking to fill a needed position with the best possible candidate, there is a recommended set of steps to follow – a procedure that will assist your HR/recruiting manager and their team in finding the individual who is best suited for the position and your company’s unique culture. To better illustrate this hiring procedure, here is an in-depth look at the initial steps in hiring the best possible AI Industry Engineers for your next job opening.

Beginning the Process: Flesh Out Your Company’s Needs

Before you start looking for the right candidate, you must know who you are looking for. In terms of finding a talented worker to fill a position, this means describing the open position in as much detail as you can. The better you can visualize and conceptualize your company’s missing piece, the better you will understand the type of candidates you’ll be looking for. Also, the richer and more detailed your description, the more helpful it will be to potential hires who are seeking employment. You want to find the best fit for your company, so using an accurate and detailed job description will help you find candidates who are more likely to really want the job and move forward with the hiring process.

Always a Second Step: Think Through Your Plan of Action

Once your company’s recruiting team has finalized the job description, you may begin to think of which tactics you would like to use to reach potential candidates. Depending on the type of position you are hoping to hire for, you may use markedly different venues for your search. Entry-level positions may be easily filled through campus job boards and/or ads, while more advanced positions may require targeted searches through agencies. A talented recruitment agency such as PROPRIUS is capable of casting a wide net to find many potential hires or narrowing the search to focus on exactly what your company requires. Sometimes, getting referrals from colleagues and employees in the same field can yield fantastic results. All of these methods are viable ways to find potential hires, and it is important that your company determines which routes to take. It may even be advisable to try all of them.

Step Three: Technology Can Narrow a Search

In the preliminary search stages, when your company is just collecting resumes to peruse before pursuing further meetings, applicant tracking systems and Boolean searches can be an invaluable resource. Running huge numbers of resumes through automated filters can help you narrow the search quickly and efficiently so you can get to the face-to-face portions of recruitment as soon as possible. This is where understanding your company’s needs comes in handy; it will be easier to pick the best resumes and program a model/filter that chooses the best resumes when you know what to focus on. 

These preliminary steps will help your company move closer to finding the best potential hires for its needs. Soon you will be able to match voices to statements and faces to names; the next stages of the recruitment process, Hiring the Best AI Industry Engineers: Steps 4-6, are a bit more involved.

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