You’ve done some preliminary preparations for the job search and set your sights on a few good opportunities. Before you reach out and apply to jobs, however, you’ll want to hop online and tidy up a few things. Read on to learn how to maintain an active and professional presence online, then use every resource you can to find each and every opportunity.

Step Five: Partner with a Specialty Recruiting Firm

If you are seeking a new career opportunity in the AI Industry, consider using a recruiter who works in that industry. It is important that you interview a recruiter and ensure they are working in your best interest and truly understand your desires. Ask how long the recruiter has worked with the firm and if they have established relationships with the company you are interested in working for. It is also important to ask how they will market you and present you to potential career opportunities. PROPRIUS is an exclusive AI Industry recruiter that works with organizations in the top 15 Tech cities in the US. PROPRIUS will put you at the heart of a great recruiting experience. Whether you decide with work with PROPRIUS or not, make sure you continue your own career search and do not stop networking. Make sure you leverage your recruiter, even if they do not work with the company you are interested in; let them know your career goals and many times they can take you out of a stack of resumes and make sure you are seen by decision makers. 

Step Six: Create and Make Your Social Media Profiles Pristine

While you undoubtedly have some kind of social media presence already, there are also social media platforms that are specifically for job hunting, such as LinkedIn. This is the most prominent job search and networking site, so you would do well to create a profile there if you haven’t already. To learn how to make a great LinkedIn profile or update your profile for maximum performance, check out the free LinkedIn training offered by PROPRIUS.

It is one thing to go online and say whatever pops into your head and another thing entirely to keep your online presence professional. Check the websites you use to network, and make sure they won’t make an employer sidestep you entirely. Your profiles don’t need to be tied completely to work, but they do need to be work-appropriate; clean them up, and rest easy. 

Step Seven: Use Real-Life Resources to Network

Now that your online presence is up, running, and professional, you can turn your attention to the real world. There is a good chance you already know people who work in the industries you’re interested in. Now is the time to reach out to the people with connections and let them know you’re interested in a new job. They may be able to help you, and any step toward the job you want is a step forward.

Step Eight: Clean Your Professional Flag and Wave it Proudly

Your online presence is one way to present yourself, and the other way is with your resume and cover letter. The latter two are professional necessities, so it is time to go over yours and include all the relevant accomplishments you’ve made. List all the skills you brainstormed earlier and tout your career achievements – these documents are the ones that will get your foot in the door at the job you want, so make them count.

Step Nine: Handpick the Best References You Have

Every job application asks for references, and they are crucial to the success of your job search. Any coworkers or managers, former or current, may be good references, and the choice of who to pick is up to you; naturally, associates who may speak well of your work ethic are the best choices. Put the best references you can on your application, and feel confident when you turn it in. 

Now that the background work is all done, it is time to move to the foreground with actual applications and face-to-face interviews. With your recruiter, skills, work history, social media, and references all in a row, you’re well on your way to finding the job you want and to complete the final phase; Find the AI Job You Want: Step 10-14.

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