By now, your company has separated those that excel and even managed to speak with a selection of the top candidates who have applied to join your team. You now know each candidate better than before, and you should have a good idea of which people would best fit into your company. Now all you have to do is pick the top three and proceed from here. Read on to learn how to complete the recruiting process and turn the best job candidate into your best new hire.

Step Seven: A Second Interview Puts Everything on the Table

During the first round of interviews, chances are high that only your HR/recruiting manager or your team’s dedicated interviewer spoke with each candidate. For the second round of interviews, you’ll want to select the best candidates – two to three is ideal – and include them in more of a roundtable discussion with one or more of your colleagues. Ideally, pick co-workers who work in the same position or on the same team as the vacant position; your colleagues will have a great sense of whether or not these candidates are up to the task, and they may ask questions that you or your HR/recruiting manager didn’t think to ask the first time.

The Eighth Step: Refer to the References

References can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you want to know what each candidate was like at their previous job, but on the other hand, it is very unlikely a candidate will refer prospective employers to a person who might speak frankly about them. This is where clever questions come in handy. When you work with PROPRIUS, we will handle this process for you. The more open-ended questions, the better; vague questions may prompt references to speak openly and honestly about the job candidate. You may want to describe your company’s vacant position and ask whether or not the candidate would do well in it. You might also ask to speak to another former colleague of the candidate, and if possible, leave your contact information so the reference is able to follow up with any pertinent information.

Step Nine: Offer the Job to the Top Candidate

This step may sound simple, but it requires a bit of homework on your part. Have the details regarding pay, benefits, scheduling, start date, and career advancement well fleshed out, and be ready to provide them when the candidate asks about them. When you work with PROPRIUS, we recommend that you allow us to present the offer. At the time of an offer, which is an emotional moment of truth for any professional, hidden objections often surface. Candidates are more likely to relay those objections or desires to a recruiting firm rather than to a potential employer. PROPRIUS will relay that feedback to you. This enables you to construct an offer that will be accepted.

The Final Step: Begin the Onboarding Process

Of course, once you have hired the best candidate, a new process begins. Be sure you make the transition into the new work environment as smooth as possible so they are not overwhelmed and discouraged. Select and clear out a viable workspace for them, get all the equipment and tools they’ll need ready to go, and have insurance and tax forms prepared so they can fill them out as soon as possible. Finally, take your new employee on a tour of the workspace at large so they feel comfortable and welcome. When you partner with PROPRIUS, we will provide you a detailed onboarding process and checklist. A good introduction will set the stage for the foreseeable future, and your company will have a fantastic new Team Member producing great work in no time if you follow these steps.

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