The Future of Industry: Making the Jump to Advanced Manufacturing

With technology rocketing forward, many industries are pulled into advancement, and manufacturing has benefited from the progression of machines and tools. Advanced manufacturing offers a wide array of job opportunities for competent mechanical engineers. Here are a handful of professions that have expanded thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques.

Keeping People Healthy: Medical Device Engineering and Manufacturing

Healthcare is and will be an important field for the foreseeable future, and this means that the design and manufacture of medical devices is more important than ever. There are opportunities for regulators and inspectors as well as engineers and designers. New devices must be tested rigorously to make sure they meet standards and specifications, so the job opportunities in this field are manifold.

Keeping the World Healthy: Sustainability Manufacturing

The exponential increases in consumption over the last few decades have caused our output of waste to increase exponentially as well, and this means that solutions to waste management and recycling are needed as soon as engineers can think of them. The opportunities for engineers and problem-solvers in the realm of sustainability manufacturing are numerous and exciting, given the literal world-saving impact of sustainability engineers.

Making Machines More Perceptive: Control Sensors Design and Development

As self-driving cars and autonomous cleaning machines become more advanced and more prevalent in our society, the need for control sensors grows. These are technical devices that allow machines to sense their surroundings, and with advanced machine learning algorithms, respond to those surroundings in a proactive and safe way. Getting the algorithms and sensors just right is a challenging task and one that is sure to test and excite engineers looking for a puzzle to solve and people to protect.

Constructing Advanced Building Crews: Welding Engineers and Lasers

Even construction techniques are moving forward thanks to advanced manufacturing, and new laser technology and electron beam capabilities are pushing the boundaries of a welder’s capabilities. The work is technical and involves serious number-crunching, but competent engineers can handle these calculations and make precision welding a possibility. The technology has moved forward, and skilled engineers have opportunities to move forward along with the technology.

Getting Shipments Where They Need to Go: Supply Chain Management

Clever engineers can design solutions to any sort of problem and managing an efficient supply chain is a challenge in and of itself. A good engineer with knowledge of supply chains and shipment schedules can design algorithms and programs that can help warehouses and shipping managers schedule pickups and drop-offs in order to streamline their supply chains. These techniques and programs can also help stores and offices maintain their supply lines, so they have what they need to do their jobs to the utmost efficiency.

Many industries are moving forward into the advanced manufacturing business, and technological advancements necessitate talented engineers to understand and utilize effectively. The fields mentioned above are using advanced manufacturing to improve their business models, and mechanical engineers are crucial to making these advancements happen smoothly.

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