Take the Leap: How to Move from One Business to the Technology Sector

Changing tack midstream can be a difficult maneuver, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. The technology field is growing exponentially, and you may wish to jump into that industry to see what sorts of good work you can do. If this is the case, there’s no need to be nervous – you already have a strong grasp of your current career, and you can bring that knowledge with you to the land of technology. Here are a few tips for successfully making the transition to a new technology career.

You’ve Got Skills: Keep Working and Improving Them

Certain soft skills can be worked on regardless of the industry you are in, and you should always work on and develop your soft skills to keep yourself motivated and progressive. These skills, including resilience, self-motivation, and proactivity, will be helpful in any tech-related field that you transition into. Indeed, they will be helpful in any industry you decide to move into, so always keep them in mind as you grow your repertoire and improve yourself; your new employers will greatly value you and the soft skills you bring to the table.

Have Great Teachers: Use and Strengthen Your Connections

As a member of certain professional circles, you’ve already got an extensive list of contacts and connections. Now is the time to reach out to them, as you will want experienced people showing you how to break into the technology industry. At least a few of your contacts will be connected to the technology sector somehow, so seek them out and learn as much as you can from them. Be forthcoming about your desire to move to the tech industry, and the right people will guide you along the best pathways to make your new career a reality.

Train Yourself: Figure Out Your Knowledge Gaps and Fill Them

Starting out, you won’t be nearly as well-trained or well-educated as colleagues who have spent years and years learning and working on technology. This means that you must fill your knowledge gaps as best as you can, on your own time. This is a great way to demonstrate your motivation and willpower to your prospective employers, and it will give you a leg up on many applicants who expected their previous experiences to speak for them. While experience is great, not all experience translates to the technology industry; figure out what does, then work on it.

Track Your Trajectory: Craft a Personal Career Narrative

There are reasons for you to jump into the technology industry, and they are a vital part of your career path. Reflect on your reasons for making this transition, then tie them into your personal story. Employers looking to hire you will want to know your reasons for switching careers, and having your story ready, complete with your motivations and the hard work you’ve done to make the change, will impress them and help them understand you.

Switching careers isn’t easy, but you’re not in this for the easy path. Learn all you can about technology and start your new career. When you’re an expert, remember the sheer drive and determination that got you there.

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