Keep the Monsters at Bay: How to Sleep Easy as a CTO

As the leaders of state-of-the-art machine learning and tech companies, CTOs have all kinds of challenges to overcome. Many of these challenges pose direct threats to the success of each CTO’s respective company, so they sometimes find themselves losing rest over the looming prospect of failure. Here is a quick look at a few of the biggest nightmare scenarios that keep CTOs lying in bed at night, and some tips for dealing with the problems.

Security is Key: How to Better Prevent Data Breaches

Over the past few years, bigger and more expensive security breaches have allowed hackers to access the personal information of millions of people around the globe. Accordingly, security is at the forefront of many CTOs’ thinking, and the fear of losing clients and patching huge security gaps is leading tech leaders into nightmare territory. Thankfully, research has indicated that many of the most vulnerable points in a company’s infrastructure are exposed during development, so the natural response is to increase the amount of security testing done during development. If security is increased and maintained even while development is ongoing, companies can expect to significantly cut down on the risk of data breaches.

Living on Cloud Nine: Meshing the Cloud with the Ground

Cloud-based servers have enabled companies to put their information within reach of globally scattered teams, which creates a new sense of connection while increasing the chance of missed connections and lost data. It is difficult to keep information pipelines clean and clear, and the scattered nature of the cloud is both a blessing and a curse; this is why many companies are turning to a more organic combination of cloud-based and real-world servers, extending their networks on the ground and in the digital space to improve the flow of information. As long as the best multi-cloud framework is constructed and maintained, CTOs should be able to rest easy.

Grassroots is Great, until it Prevents Organic Growth

In their beginnings, many companies operate with duct-tape solutions and cavalier equipment networks, patching disparate machines and programs together to make things work by the skin of their teeth. As these companies grow, however, the necessity of cobbled-together infrastructures falls away, and keeping the old patched machines is just a matter of nostalgia. To keep up with growth and development, a CTO must guide his team to upgrade their infrastructure, so every project and program runs smoothly and stays up-to-date.

Artificial Intelligence: There’s a Smart Way to Integrate It

As AI becomes the biggest development in the tech world, companies are scrambling to figure out how to handle it. Machine learning has the potential to increase work flow and promote better synergy throughout many companies, but the trick is in mastering the technology in a way that is not disruptive to the current business model. This means that CTOs must hire and train machine learning engineers and upskill their current employees in deep learning programs, so their companies remain cutting-edge and viable. Respectfully engaging with machine learning ensures that any CTO’s company may look forward to a bright future.

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