Your company has figured out exactly what sort of person you would like to fill the vacant position on your team, and you know which methods you want to use to find this person. Using advanced machine learning techniques to sift through resumes faster than before, you have very likely cut back on the time necessary to find better people drastically. This means you are ready to move onto the next phase of the recruitment process – the closer phase through which you get to know each candidate better. Read on to learn how to handle this delicate and crucial process.

Four Steps Ahead: Social Media Helps You Get Social

An easy way to ease candidates into the process of getting to know you and share a bit of themselves is to utilize well-known social media sites to start your conversations with each candidate. The social setting, even when it is in a virtual space, may help candidates relax and reveal their more authentic selves to your company’s recruiting team. This is crucial because you will want to know each candidate as best as you can to gauge whether or not they will fit with your company and its unique culture. Ask about each candidate’s work history, education, and experience, then see if their answers mesh with your written requirements for the position. If they do, it may be time to move the process along to the next step.

The Fifth Step: Telephone Screening

After the preliminary social media screening, it is time to move to a tailor-made phone interview for each candidate. Even with applicant tracking systems and Boolean searches sifting through resumes and your team speaking with candidates online, there can be confusing aspects to a candidate’s resume and/or work history. The phone interview is a great way to clear up any confusion and clarify the details you’ve gleaned through reading resumes and reaching out on social media. Speaking on the phone also gives candidates the chance to ask your team any questions they may have about the job, so everyone should end this phone conversation feeling confident about what they’ve learned and where they stand as far as the hiring process goes.

Step Six: Bring Everything Out for a Face-to-Face Interview

Even after reading a resume from top to bottom and picking out as many details as you can, it can be difficult to get a full picture of a candidate. That’s where the social media and phone conversations come in, but even these steps can’t fully flesh out a candidate. For this, you must meet the top candidates face to face. When you sit down to prepare for this interview, make sure to pinpoint each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and craft questions to discuss them. PROPRIUS offers free interview training for its clients and will help you customize your interview process. This is important because this interview will allow you to gauge a candidate’s overall performance and determine whether their work-related achievements are enough to merit the coveted spot within your company.

After participating in these conversations, you’ll have a much better idea of what each candidate is like and whether or not they will be a great fit for your company. The final stages of the recruiting process, Hiring the Best AI Industry Engineers: Steps 7-10, are just ahead, and they will bring you even closer to hiring the best possible candidate for the position.

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