AI Professionals are hard to find, and the old recruiting model is dead. 

The war for AI industry professionals is fierce, driven by increased competition in all sectors. Everyday organizations are engaged in a battle to find the right talent to help their companies realize its true potential. 

The struggle for talent in the Technology and Advanced Manufacturing space is real and getting tougher by the day. The core challenges to getting that talent for your company can be grouped into 4 categories: Speed, Accuracy, Performance, and Market Authority.


A slow time to hire decreases your offer acceptance rates, weakens your employer brand, and aggravates managers because they lose productivity and revenue. 


Year after year, companies experience 56% hiring failure, and yet they keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for better results. 


The Top 15% of talent are not easy to find. They are motivated by opportunities for growth and are eager to conquer new challenges. In other words, they’re the ideal employees and you need them.  


Knowing only 28% of the available talent in your market is a detriment to your organization. Mapping the entire playing field is critical to attract The Top 15%.  

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