Are you wanting more Data Scientists and ML Engineers? Use these tips to improve your company’s recruitment strategies!

1.   Make the Most of Your Colleagues

Your colleagues have been through the recruitment and interview process, so they can provide a wealth of insight. Ask your co-workers which questions to ask candidates, and if it’s possible, have them participate in interviews and offer their feedback.

Use your colleagues extended networks to find qualified candidates who may fit your company’s needs perfectly. Do this through a referral program! Who doesn’t like and extra thousand dollars or some free vacation time! 

2.   Take the Time to Find the Best People

It this tight of a labor crunch you must go through the recruitment process as quickly as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should rush to a bad hire. Utilize reputable recruiting firms like PROPRIUS to identify, attract and hire the candidates you desperately need.

3.   Give Candidates a Chance

Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to find a person who fits your company’s bill perfectly. In these cases, ask your Hiring Managers which qualities are required for the position and which ones are “nice-to-have”. Finding the person who has mastered the required skills is important, but it is also important to give a candidate training opportunities as well. This shows candidates that your company is interested in their long-term success by making an investment in their future.

4.   Make the Most of Job Candidates

Certain candidates may not be ideal for the job you want done, but they might know people who are perfect for your company! Do not be afraid to tell candidates WHY they are not a good fit for a role. Once you do this and they understand why you are not moving forward ask if they know anyone who has the skill set you are needing.

Hiring great team members may seem difficult, but it doesn’t need to be impossible. These tips should help you recruit great workers who will improve your company’s performance exponentially. If you would like more tips or help identifying great talent do not hesitate to contact PROPRIUS at 707-867-1524.

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