Engineer Your Best Self: How to Become a Great CTO

Being the chief of anything in a company is a demanding and challenging job, but it is a challenge that may be met and overcome with the right attitude and tools. A competent CTO has many tasks and responsibilities to juggle and must strive to combine technical and emotional intelligence as they help develop projects and keep their teams and themselves happy. To help with this monumental undertaking, we have tips on how to balance all your responsibilities with confidence and become an awesome CTO.

Promote a Healthy, Positive Culture, and Watch Your Team Grow

Culture is a big-picture concept, and it is one that should not be taken lightly. Too often, disgruntled employees and frustrated workers complain of an indefinable feeling of unfairness, discontent or meaninglessness at work. These are all general feelings and concepts that may not sound specific enough to actually put a dent in productivity, but the opposite is true. A rotten culture produces unhappy teams, and unhappy teams do not produce positive results. This means that promoting a positive culture wherein employees and managers talk to and listen to one another is critical to a CTO’s success. When your colleagues talk about big, nebulous feelings regarding work, they will ideally talk about feeling good about the work they do. A positive culture spreads good feeling around, and a great CTO will know when to sit back and let their employees create in the great culture they’ve established.

Trust Your Team, and Allow Them to Flourish

While it may be easy to fall back on micromanagement when a project approaches its deadline, using micromanagement as a crutch must be avoided by CTOs at all costs. The reality is that developers and engineers work best when they have some breathing room to create and let their minds tackle work the way they want to. There is no avoiding the responsibility of making critical decisions about projects, but there is always room for freedom to think, and this freedom will motivate your team to be productive and happy.

Living Life Outside Work Makes Everything Go Around

Work should not be everything in anyone’s life, and this is true especially for CTOs. Overworking and stressing yourself out will lead to fatigue and poor decision-making, which will ultimately affect your business. A good CTO finds a clear separation between work and home life and devotes themselves to enjoying relaxation time to the fullest. This might mean going for a walk every day, setting aside a family day every week, or going on every vacation to which you’re entitled. As long as you find a way to maximize your fun time and your work time, you’ll be refreshed and ready to handle crucial business processes.

Staying Productive: Maximize Every Minute of the Day

Getting up early, keeping a clean email inbox, and delegating tasks to your team may sound simple at first, but they are good steps toward freeing up more minutes of the day for critical thinking, and critical thinking keeps your workflow smooth. Little changes to your routine like taking notes while on a walk or strategically moving meetings to a new day helps a great CTO stay focused and as productive as possible.

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