Our clients tell us daily that they are having a hard time finding Machine Learning Engineers. I mean this field is absolutely blowing up and because of that engineers who solely specialize in machine learning may be few and far between. Making it difficult for companies like yours to find the talented ML engineers you need to stay ahead of your competition. Try these tips to find your next rock star.

1.   Look Outside Your Field to Find Great Talent

Try higher education fields. Check out those conducting research, there are also large numbers of people with machine learning skills waiting to be pulled from computer programming professions. With minimum training they could be well on their way.

2.   Assist Workers in Pivoting to Your Industry

Many candidates who can excel at machine learning are typically engaged in other industries; the good news is that many of these professionals have decided to pivot to machine learning-related fields within the last year. This means that with enough persuasion, you can get these workers to pivot to you. Once again, the field of higher education and research is a great place to find talent, also investigate the finance and banking sector. They too provide a great source of potential talent.

3.   If At First They Can’t Do It, Teach Them

One of the easiest solutions to the problem is finding the engineers with related skills and teaching them what they need!

Fortunately, there are a few tried-and-true relatable skills that you can search for to help your new or existing Team Member make the transition into Machine Learning. These are data mining, an understanding of R, and Python, programming, coding, software development, business analysis, big data and data processing, and project management. The best part of these skill sets is their broad range of applications; a diverse team is a great team, and when you find talented individuals with these skills and add machine learning to their repertoire, your company is bound to grow and expand in fantastic ways.

Finding your next potential Machine learning engineer takes, time, patience, training, and money. If all of these factors are not on your side and you need an experienced Machine learning engineer, then let’s have a chat and see how PROPRIUS could potentially help your team identify top talent. 

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